In 2017, following the overhaul of the main site and the launch of a new Outlet area, e-commerce gained momentum at Red Parker. As proof, the 85% increase in online turnover compared to 2016. It is in this context that Certified SEO Tutorial has supported the group in the implementation and use of advanced e-commerce functionalities. on Google Analytics.


” We were won over by Certified SEO Tutorial’s highly personalized methodology, as well as their great autonomy, flexibility and kindness towards other service providers. The results obtained clearly lived up to our expectations: we started immediately with excellent readability of our data via Google Analytics. This level of granularity allowed us to better manage our KPIs during the post-overhaul phase.” Jacob At. from Water Heater Solar.

We helped with:

  1. Meta Tags
  2. Content Writing
  3. Backlinks