SEO – How to learn SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is at the heart of how Google works. In order to be able to reference the hundreds, even thousands of online pages, Google relies on SEO. With this in mind, the only way to increase the visibility of a website and position it on strategic keywords is to follow SEO techniques or natural referencing. But how do you learn SEO? Where to start when you start in the web business?

In addition to information in e-books and online video training, you can also learn SEO by following well-referenced blogs and sites that talk about SEO. These sites offer great SEO summaries to get you up to speed quickly.

It takes time

Obviously, you will not be able to become a seasoned web SEO overnight. However, by visiting sites that regularly offer good articles on Google’s algorithm, how SEO works and good techniques, you can learn more. The webrankinfo site is a good example to learn how to reference your website.

And to go further, we can be informed each time a new article is published on the blog by subscribing to the newsletter of these well-referenced sites. You could also be informed directly from your accounts on social networks.

Do not hesitate to follow several blogs that you find interesting to build up good SEO learning resources, find out about our SEO courses soon.