Become a certified SEO expert by our professional SEO camp

Why a certification

The official nature of the certification and you will learn from it

  • Prepare for the exam
  • How to become certified
  • The form of the exam
  • What is the purpose of the exam?
  • What is the level of the exam?
  • How do you verify that someone is certified?
  • Topics and modules of the exam
  • Why SEO certification?
  • A high proportion of self-taught SEOs
  • Problem of “in house” SEOs
  • Many “good” SEOs have generalist backgrounds

How to demonstrate with a “Webmaster” resume that you are a good SEO specialist

  • No real diploma courses yet
  • With the exception of the Mulhouse or Lyon pro license, license are also available through local school like Jasa SEO & SEO Bandung.
  • A few hours of training in other professional license or Master 2
  • An answer to the profession’s image problem
  • Pull everyone up
  • Make known the prerequisites for exercising this profession
  • Reveal the limits of certain professionals

At certified SEO tutorial we focus on training our student to learn first the basics of SEO within 6 weeks and then to teach the advanced part during 3 months. Here are the list or participants for the 16th September 2020 SEO camp: